CMIUTA Electric Company designs and assembles high-capacity battery packs for UAVs.

  • Engineered with NCR18650 or NCR20700 li-ion battery cells.CMIUTA Electric Company - Battery Packs
  • Suitable for high-efficiency/high-torque/low kV engines.
  • Configurations tailored on-demand to meet specific requests.
  • Excellent energy-to-weight ratio. Specific energy >250Wh/kg.
  • 24k Gold-plated discharge connectors & EMI shielded cables.
  • Compact design and rugged. Tri-layer composite shell.
  • Embedded and effective heat-dissipation conductive layers.

Battery Packs for UAVs

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Battery Packs for UAVs

CMIUTA Electric Company is a confident partner capable of providing state of the art and cost-effective solutions for unmanned aerial vehicle industry (from various fields like military, law enforcement, governmental, disaster management, medical, search and rescue, geographic mapping, structural safety inspections) continuously evolving, through a combination of flexibility, innovation skills, precise workmanship, and in-house engineering. 

Uses top-quality raw materials, like cylindrical battery cells made by Panasonic at the Sanyo plants Higashiura, Chuou or Tsunadenki, in Japan. Sanyo Energy is a formerly a member of the Fortune Global 500, and a few years ago became a wholly owned subsidiary of Panasonic, who is also the supplier of batteries to power Tesla’s electric vehicles.

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