CMIUTA Electric Company: alongside the electric transportation and aerospace industry

We assemble high-energy-density battery packs to power high-efficiency electric powered unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), multi-rotor, fixed-wing or VTOL type, controlled wirelessly or fully autonomous, destined to be used in various industry applications, such as to transport packages (delivery services), video surveillance, aerial photography and videographylidar and photogrammetry imaging – surveying and mapping,  medical aid, powerline patrol or agriculture. Go to inventory page to find the battery pack configuration what you need.

Our advantages

Flexibility and react to market. Creating quickly battery pack prototypes. Lower cost when producing in low volumes.

6S 22.2V 21Ah 60A Li-ion battery. CMEC Batteries


The NCR18650GA and NCR20700B are lithium-ion high-quality cylindrical form battery cells, LiNiCoAlO2 chemistry, manufactured by Panasonic Corporation in Osaka 大阪, Japan ジャパン. Having a high energy density (specific energy more than 250 Wh/kg), thus, it’s the best solution state-of-the-art to powering the robotic UAVs. The Tesla Model S electric vehicle have about seven thousand of NCR18650 cells inside battery housing, assembled in many packs.


Adding matching battery cells from the same manufacturing batch to minimize variability within one battery pack, and to design these to the smallest detail, the CMEC can release only a limited number of batteries per month, especially for large units. Learn more >>>

Ultimate manufacturability | 3D Printing

CMIUTA Electric Company will use 3D printing technology to manufacture a honeycomb-type battery cell holder from composite materials, for ultimate cooling efficiency, safeties and reliability. 8 hours it is average print time to mold a complete battery cell holder, including the covering parts.

Composite fiber cell holder - 3D Rendering by CMEC