CMIUTA Electric Company: alongside the electric transportation and aerospace industry

We manufacture powerful lithium-ion battery packs for high-performance unmanned aircraft, as well for other robotic vehicles, which are destined to be used in various applications, such as: industrial inspection, maintenance & repair of oil & gas platforms, assets, utilities, infrastructure & energy parks, remote sensing for mapping & surveying, precision agriculture for crop, soil and irrigation monitoring, structural analysis in assessment, archaeology & heritage monument inspection, documentation with aerial imaging, first responders in accident, fire or crisis, flight dynamics & control theory research, flight automation & reproduction, computer vision & SLAM research, swarming intelligence & networking, security and military applications.

6S6P 90A Panasonic NCR20700B


Safe, higher performing battery design – many cylindrical cells connected in series and parallel. Tesla Model S electric vehicle have about seven thousand of NCR18650 cells inside battery housing, assembled in many packs. We use the same recipe, but at small-scale!

The NCR18650GA are top-grade lithium-ion battery cells, LiNiCoAlO2 chemistry, manufactured by Panasonic Corporation in Osaka 大阪, Japan ジャパン, with specific energy more than 250 Wh/kg, and energy density about 700Wh/L. パナソニック NCR20700B is a new arrived and most cost effective battery cell they’ve created the Japanese company. It costs the same like to produce also NCR18650GA but offers 30% more power with only like about 5% size increase! The internal resistance is less than 20mΩ.

The both cells incorporate numerous mechanical, thermal, and chemical factors that contribute to their safety in the CMEC batteries, being the best solution state-of-the-art for powering robotic vehicles.

The key to developing a High-Performance UAV:
Using custom made battery packs!

Usually, we can manufacture on demand a plenty battery packs in standard configurations, starting with 3s3p to 12s12p of rectangular or square shape. These can easily be found on the inventory page. As well, we can maximize the yield through assembling a more customized battery, molded on vehicle specs and engineered almost in any matrix or capacity! This is the key to develop a high-performance UAV designed with powerful battery packs, to achieve a long-range flight with more payload.

Technicality |Precise Handcrafting

Adding matching battery cells from the same manufacturing batch to minimize variability within one battery pack, and to design these to the smallest detail, we can manufacture only a limited unit’s number per day, especially for large ones. Learn more >>>

Ultimate manufacturability | 3D Printing

CMIUTA Electric Company will use 3D printing technology to manufacture a honeycomb-type battery cell holder from composite materials, for ultimate cooling efficiency, safeties and reliability. 8 hours it is average print time to mold a complete battery cell holder, including the covering parts. We are in the testing phase. Learn more >>>

Composite fiber cell holder - 3D Rendering by CMEC

Consider a few things about our battery packs:

  • The CMEC batteries are designed for high output, has a low internal resistance, and have a long lifespan.
  • Are manufactured in-house, with high quality cylindrical lithium-ion cells produced by Panasonic, which have about 70% more energy density and are 35% more lightweight than the traditional Li-Polymer pouches used in the present to power UAVs!
  • Are delivered directly from the manufacturing place to the country and address of destination given to us in your purchase request. To order, consult the list with battery packs manufactured on demand (at inventory page) and then access ordering page and fill the form.
  • Besides of standard batteries for UAVs/Drones, CMEC also manufactures certain battery packs models equipped with cell level fuses, designed for ground-based electric vehicles and other kind of robots. Search these battery packs in the “TYPE 2” list, on the inventory page – learn more

CMEC UAV Battery Packs