We assemble custom battery packs to power high-efficiency UAVs used in various industry applications, such as to transport packages (delivery services), television broadcasting, signal relay, video surveillance, surveying and mapping, aerial photography, medical aid, pipeline & powerline patrol or agriculture.


Adding matching battery cells from the same manufacturing batch to minimize variability within one battery pack, and to design these to the smallest detail, the CMEC workshop can release only a limited number of batteries per month, especially for large units.


The NCR18650 and NCR20700 are lithium-ion high-quality cylindrical form battery cells, with LiNiCoAlO2 chemistry, manufactured by Panasonic Industrial Corporation, in Kadoma, Osaka 大阪市, Japan. Having a high energy density, more than 250Wh/kg, it’s also the best solution, state-of-art, to powering the heavy UAVs.

How It’s Made

All CMEC battery packs are designed and manufactured in-house. After are assembled in “honeycomb form” in the desired configuration, the cells are over-insulated and joined by nickel-strips, through the pulse-welding in the multi-layout pyramidal architecture. Then wiring-harnesses and connectors are applied, spending more attention to detail and safety elements.


To reduce manufacturing costs, battery blocks are wrapped with a hard PVC film. The aesthetic appearance isn’t charming, but we work hard to develop a tough and lightweight housing, from composite materials.

Battery Packs

Some examples:

4S6P 60A NCR18650GA | 6S4P 40A NCR18650GA | 6S6P 60A NCR18650GA

6S9P 90A NCR18650GA | 6S9P 135A NCR20700B  | 10S9P 135A NCR20700B

Consult the table from configuration page, to see certain possible pack versions and basic details, like the voltage, capacity, maximum continuous discharge current and weight, and click on their specs for more info.

Consider a few things:

  • Are available in any architecture, starting with 3S3P. 
  • In some cases, when a particular configuration is desired, the gauge limit of the battery pack must be discussed in pre-order phase, because the cylindrical form of the battery cells constrains the final geometry of this.
  • CMEC battery packs assembled with Panasonic Lithium-ion cells have 70% more energy density, is more powerful, and are 35% more lightweight than the Li-polymer pouches used in the present on some UAVs!
  • Battery packs are delivered Ex Works (EXW) – shipped directly from the CMEC manufacturing workplace from the Netherlands to the country and address of destination given to us in the order. No dealerships! No extra costs!

The New Panasonic 2070

NCR20700A 3.3Ah 30A and NCR20700B 4.25Ah 15A. With the dimensions 20,35 x 70,3 mm, it is thicker and taller than the 18650 old format, but more optimal!

NCR20700 is the most cost effective battery cell they’ve created the Japanese company. It costs the same like to produce also NCR18650s but offers 30% more power with only like a 5% size increase!


We started to enhance our product, so thereby later this year, we can offer power units with housing builded from composites materials.

Some features:

  • Increased impact resistance.
  • Thermal conductivity enhancement.
  • More robusted.
  • Embedded power/balance connector.


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