22.2V 135A NCR20700B drone battery

Inside the battery pack.

The configurations of batteries can start from 4s3p to 12s12p and can be designed depending on unmanned aircraft specs for a maximum yield and long-range flight.

Sanyo NCR18650GA are top-grade cylindrical lithium-ion battery cells with specific energy more than 250 Wh/kg and energy density about 700Wh/L. They are produced by Panasonic at factories in Hyogo and Osaka, Japan ジャパン (Panasonic Corporation bought the Sanyo Energy Co. in 2011).

The new cell format, NCR20700A, is capable of a continuous discharge of 30A with a staggering peak potential of 45A (edge discharge rate of 45A only in the case if is sustained by a suitable cell cooling system). Battery packs in large configurations, engineered with this kind of cells can instantly deliver hundreds of ampere and will help for example, in a fast take-off of the VTOLs type unmanned aircraft, or electric missile.

パナソニック NCR20700B is currently the most cost-effective cell created by the Japanese offering an average of 30% more performance as opposed to its NCR18650GA counterpart while sacrificing just under a 10% increase in size! The internal resistance of NCR20700B is less than 20mΩ. The bigger cells (20,3mm in diameter and 70,3mm long) enabled CMEC to optimize volumetric energy density into a new pack.

These all cells incorporate several elements that contribute to their safety in the CMEC battery packs. Lithium Nickel Cobalt Aluminum Oxide (LiNi0.8Co0.15Al0.05O2) is a highly thermally stable cathode material used lithium-ion batteries. Doping the lithium nickel cobalt oxide with aluminum both stabilizes it’s thermal and charge transfer resistance.


Serial and Parallel Configurations

Safe, higher performing battery design – many cylindrical cells connected in series and parallel, the best solution state-of-the-artThe Tesla Model S all-electric car has about seven thousand of Panasonic NCR18650 cells inside the battery housing, these are split into many packages.

CMIUTA Electric Company uses the same battery pack layout, including safety or thermal conductive features, but on smaller-scale and specially designed and optimized for unmanned aircraft for endurance flight or heavy payloads.


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