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CMEC UAV Battery Packs

CMEC UAV Drone Battery

We design and assembling battery packs for large unmanned aerial vehicles, drones, or any kind of flying robots, using top-grade cylindrical lithium-ion cells with NCA (LiNiCoAlO2) chemistry, manufactured by Panasonic at former Sanyo Higashiura factory in Hyogo, Japan.

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Assembled With Pride in The Netherlands

Our advantages: flexibility, and react to the market, custom configuration on-demand, in-house manufacturing & rapid prototyping using only top quality materials, lower cost when producing in low volumes.



CMEC UAV Drone BatteryCMEC UAV Drone BatteryLi-ion drone batteryPanasonic Sanyo NCR18650GAPanasonic Sanyo NCR18650GA battery pack10s9p-ncr-20700B

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Find on “Inventory” page a well-ordered list of about 100 battery packs configurations, which rises up to 12s12p, but any other can be engineered beyond these limit if is need it.