CMIUTA Electric Co. designs and manufactures battery packs for electric unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), using cutting-edge high-energy-density Panasonic lithium-ion cylindrical cells.

Battery Packs for UAVs

Battery Packs for UAVs

Made-to-order in accordance with customer requirements.

CMIUTA Electric Company - Battery Packs for UAVs/drones
The CMΞC battery packs are engineered with cylindrical battery cells made by Panasonic Co. at the Sanyo plants Higashiura, Chuou or Tsunadenki, in Japan. Sanyo Energy is a formerly a member of the Fortune Global 500, and a few years ago became a wholly owned subsidiary of Panasonic, who is also the supplier of batteries to power Tesla’s electric vehicles. Learn more about NCR battery chemistry.


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