CMEC Li-ion battery packs are engineered to power the electric propelled unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) commonly known as a drone. The configurations on demand can start from 4s3p to 12s12p, customized on the aircraft specs for a maximum yield and long-range flight.

22.2V 135A NCR20700B drone battery

Inside the battery pack.

The Sanyo NCR18650GA are top-grade cylindrical lithium-ion battery cells with specific energy more than 250 Wh/kg, and energy density about 700Wh/L. They are produced by Panasonic at factories in Hyogo and Osaka, Japan ジャパン (Panasonic Corporation bought the Sanyo Energy Co. in 2011).

パナソニック NCR20700B is currently the most cost-effective cell created by the Japanese offering an average of 30% more performance as opposed to its NCR18650GA counterpart while sacrificing just under a 10% increase in size! The internal resistance of NCR20700B is less than 20mΩ. The bigger cells (20,3mm in diameter and 70,3mm long) enabled CMEC to optimize volumetric energy density into a new pack.

Another cell type, NCR20700A, is capable of a continuous discharge of 30A with a staggering peak potential of 45A. Battery packs in large configurations, engineered with this kind of cells can instantly deliver hundreds of ampere and will help for example, in a fast take-off of the VTOLs type unmanned aircraft, or electric missile.

Sanyo-Panasonic NCR18650GA Li-ion battery cells

These all cells incorporate several thermal, chemical and mechanical elements that contribute to their safety in the CMEC battery packs. Lithium Nickel Cobalt Aluminum Oxide (LiNi0.8Co0.15Al0.05O2) is a highly thermally stable cathode material used lithium-ion batteries. Doping the lithium nickel cobalt oxide with aluminum both stabilizes it’s thermal and charge transfer resistance.


Serial and Parallel Configurations

Safe, higher performing battery design – many cylindrical cells connected in series and parallel, the best solution state-of-the-artThe Tesla Model S all-electric car has about seven thousand of NCR18650 cells inside the battery housing, these are split into many packages. CMIUTA Electric Company uses almost the same recipe, in smaller-scale and specially optimized for large unmanned aircraft used on endurance flight or heavy payloads.

4s6p drone battery pack6s4p drone battery pack

Sanyo NCR18650GA6s9p-ncr-20700b2

Panasonic Sanyo NCR18650GAPanasonic Sanyo NCR18650GA battery pack

10s9p-ncr-20700BPanasonic Sanyo NCR18650GA UAV/Drone battery pack

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Technicality |Precise Handcrafting.

The CMEC batteries are simple and powerful – have a low internal resistance, high output, and a long lifespan. We don’t secretly keep the way how they are built! Every cell in a battery pack comes from the same lot, rank, and we use original techniques to ensure maximum quality and performances – learn more >>>

6S9P 22.2V 31.5Ah 90A 1998W 2700 grams battery packs

CMEC UAV Battery Packs

In short, our advantages: Flexibility, and react to the market | Custom configuration on-demand | In-house manufacturing & rapid prototyping, using only top quality materials | Lower cost when producing in low volumes.