Cathodes: the key to the advancement of lithium-ion technology

Cathode choice is a major factor for determining battery energy density, and cathodes also typically account for 25% of lithium-ion battery costs. That means the cathode can impact both the performance and cost pieces of the $/kWh equation – and building a better cathode will likely be a key driver for the success of the green revolution… [and] cathode development has many exciting prospects. These include concepts such as building cathodes with layered composite structures or orthosilicates, as well as improvements to the fundamental material processes used in cathode assembly.

The type of cathode chosen can affect the energy density, power density, safety, cycle life, and cost of the overall battery, and this is why researchers are constantly experimenting with new ideas and combinations… [and] as these new technologies are applied, the cost of lithium-ion batteries will continue to decrease. In fact, experts are now saying that it won’t be long before batteries will hit $80/kWh – a cost that would make EVs [electric vehicles] undeniably cheaper than traditional gas-powered vehicles.” Check out the infographic below for more clues into how changes to the cathode could represent further improvements to the lithium-ion battery…