3 Key Insights from Commercial UAV Expo Europe

After attending both editions of Commercial UAV Expo Americas, I was keen to understand what differences there might be with the first European edition of the event. Generally speaking, in North America we have seen an increase year-over-year of the maturity of the professional market, but the maturity of this European market was evident in a different way. The increased length in time that professional flight regulations have been in place in many European countries could be seen both in terms of the topics discussed by enterprise-level providers and users of UAV services.

For example, Mantas Vaskela of Laserpas illustrated what it has meant for them to cover more than 3000km of power line networks so far. Their established processes and protocols for employing beyond visual line of site (BVLOS) operations for powerline inspection across Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Bulgaria and Romania is proof of how developed this market has become already, and provides just a hint at the potential we’ll be able to see with it.

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