Solving the Biggest Drone Adoption Challenge for Survey Companies with AeroPoints

We’ve taken a look at what it means to effectively use a drone as a surveying tool, and in the process of doing so discovered what kind of opportunities Propeller has created for commercial drone operators. The company provides advanced solutions for various industries including construction, mining & aggregates, waste management and surveying & mapping, but their efforts to make drone data widely sharable are what set the company apart. That focus has seen them team up with organizations like Trimble and DJI to create a turnkey drone solution.

How operators can utilize these kinds of solutions to impact their bottom line is one of the key questions that will be discussed at the Commercial UAV Expo. Attendees will be able to connect with the Propeller team to understand how products like Aeropoints and the Propeller Platform can make a bottom line difference for operators. How have professionals in a variety of industries been able to quantify their use of this technology though? Are there challenges associated with adoption?
To get a better sense of how these questions and plenty more will be answered, we connected with Francis Vierboom, CEO and Co-Founder of Propeller. He discussed how the company came to focus on making it easy to share data, what it means to gather survey-grade accurate information, the learning curve associated with tools like AeroPoints and plenty more.

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