Precise Handcrafting

CMIUTA Electric Company

Watching my website somebody asked: what means “Precise Handcrafting”? So, the japanese lithium-ion #battery cells inside a battery pack comes from the same lot, rank, and initial charging date, and all are preselected to have identical weight (maximum weight margins of 0.001 grams) We use high quality polarized gold-plated connectors and strong wiring-harnesses. Why all that? To ensure maximize quality and to do high-quality product! We also pay more attention to detail and safety elements. It’s crazy, said! No, no, we just pushing the boundaries of quality manufacturing –

Panasonic Sanyo NCR18650GA

Panasonic Sanyo NCR18650GA

Usually, we can manufacture on demand a plenty battery packs in standard configurations, starting with 3s3p to 12s12p of rectangular or square shape. These can easily be found on the inventory page. As well, we can maximize the yield through assembling a more customized battery, molded on vehicle specs and engineered almost in any form or capacity! This is the key to develop a high-performance UAV designed with powerful battery packs, to achieve a long-range flight with more payload.

6S UAV/Drone Battery