A new 6S battery system available for assembling on demand starting with January 1, 2019.

Hybrid Li-ion Battery Pack Configuration

6S1P/6S2P Hi-Amp Instant 250A + 6S5P NCA 22.2V 17.5Ah 50A (all in one pack)
Battery Pack weight: (6S1P+6S5P = 1900 grams / 6S2P+6S5P = 2300 grams)
Dimensions: 212 x 70 x 72 mm / 240 x 70 x 72)
Discharge Cable: silicone-copper 8 AWG wires
Discharge Plug: TE 2PIN 250A / AS150 / Custom
Balancing Connector: JST XH 7-PIN

Works together, but actually, the 6S1P or 6S2P Hi-Amp CAP pack can manage high-current drain used by some aircraft in takeoff, and the 6S5P NCA cell block support cruise flight. The hybrid battery pack has all other highlights specs from regular packs, like passive cooling and reinforced/cooled discharge cables.

The flight time length may vary depending on aircraft weight and engine performances.
The battery pack charging process must be managed by a smart charger with a Li-ion cell balancing function.