Li-ion Battery Packs for OnyxStar HYDRA-12 multirotor drone

A great upgrade to achieve longer flight time, up to 45 minutes!

6S12P 120A NCR18650GA battery pack
6S7P 22.2V 21Ah 210A 4600W

Assembled on demand, based on P.O.
Delivered (in selected countries) within 14 days.

Price: € 1146,00 VAT 0% (set of 2 battery packs, charger not included)
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Battery pack technical specs and performances:

  • Cell count: 42 (same rank cells)
  • Cell type: Lithium-ion US18650VT6 – Made in Japan
  • Series-Parallel-Connected Cells: 6S7P
  • Battery pack internal resistance (IR): less than 20mΩ
  • Capacity: 21Ah (21000 mAh)
  • Voltage (nominal) 22.2V
  • Energy: 466Wh
  • Power: 4600W
  • Continuous discharge current: 210A
  • Maximum pulse discharge current (10sec): 240A
  • Maximum allowable charge voltage: 25.2V
  • The discharge end voltage should be more than 16.2V (18.6V for long lifespan)
  • Charging current (CC): max. 12A
  • Weight: 2100 grams (including wiring harnesses, connectors & covering)
  • Physical dimensions (distance between cell pack edges, excluding harnesses): 210 x 70 x 72 mm.

Wiring harnesses and connectors

  • Discharge wire type: Multi-strand 10AWG flexible silicone insulated copper
  • Gold plated discharge connector: XT150 plug on the negative and AS150 plug on positive, or custom.
  • Discharge wire length (pack to connector end) +/- 100mm
  • Balance Plug: JST-XH 7-pin
  • Balance wire length (pack to connector end): +/- 70mm

Thermal management


  • LM35 Temperature Sensor, with a standard 3-pin connector.
  • 10k NTC thermistor/sensor TDK Electronics.


  • 2 year

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