The electric drive is the future!

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Tesla Model S Powertrain

The electric drive is the future – because electricity is renewable! The use of renewable energy in the construction of the electric car reduces the CO2 backpack significantly. The noise pollution in our cities would fall dramatically. Anyone who has ever lived on a major road knows how stressful and ultimately pathogen is traffic noise.

by Cristian Miuta | Nov. 10th, 2018 | @cristian_miuta

The electric motor uses energy much more efficiently. An internal combustion engine has an efficiency of 15 to 30 percent. The electric motor is 90 to 95 percent. From the source to the wheel, the overall efficiency of the burner is less than ten percent. The electric car with green electricity is 73 percent. Anyone involved in renewable energy knows about the importance of decentralization, smart grids and microgrids. And here, too, the electric car comes into play, because it becomes a power storage – ideal for ironing out the spikes and sinks of volatile renewable energies.

In addition, the electric car drives battery technology forward massively. Discarded electric car batteries find a second life in network storage and backup batteries for fast charging stations. Old electric car batteries are therefore by no means hazardous waste. After all, they are valuable raw material storage: since the battery does not “consume” its constituents, they can be recycled. Even if research and innovation are still needed to further improve recycling processes. The manufacturers are certainly in the starting blocks.

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Energy storage system – Tesla Powerpack