Will be one million people on Mars on the year 2100


Will be one million people on Mars on the year 2100.

By then, near the year 2020 Mars will be closest to Earth, will send for 500 days journey, a crew to reconnaissance and observation of the planet from space, and by 2027 it will go there and begin construction of factories and installations to production and processing of oxygen and water on Mars. We move faster than thought. Most of the facilities or types of equipment will be built by the robots. Like the robots which build the Tesla cars, let’s say. Initially, the people will live in special buildings on the surface of the planet or underground. In 2035 will begin a transformation process that will last 400 years, until the planet can sustain life fully on its surface like on Earth.

That’s must be happening not only because in 2080, on Earth will be more than 14 billion people. They need space, and more space is there, on Mars. We must be multi-planetary species, starting to explore the entire universe, from a planet to another, and generation after generation.