Pro-D6 P8 Supra X battery connectors are a great choice for high-current and voltage requirement, offering a wide (low-resistance) surface area for max efficient power transfer. The 24K gold-plated bullet plugs are assembly stress-free, whilst the casing with a design which eliminates separation uses high temperature capable impact-resistant plastic made in Japan.

RCPROPLUS Pro-D6 Supra X Battery Connector - CMIUTA Electric Company

Continuous discharge current: 190A
Peak current: 230A
Wire required: 8~10 AWG
6/7 mm plug: 24K gold plated bullet with a large, low-resistance contact area.
Covering: syndiotactic polystyrene strong jacket manufactured by Idemitsu Kosan (Japan).
Weight: ca. 9 grams

CMIUTA Electric Company - 6S4P Li-ion NCR18650GA battery pack with RCPROPLUS Pro-D6 Supra-X connector
6S4P Li-ion NCR18650GA battery pack assembled on order with RCPROPLUS Pro-D6 Supra-X connector.