4S4P NCR18650GA UAV battery

Technical specs and performances

  • Cell count: 16 (same rank cells)
  • Cell type: Panasonic NCR18650GA – Made in Japan
  • Electrochemistry: Lithium-ion NCA (LiNiCoAlO2)
  • Rated: 3.6V-3.7V 3.5Ah 10A
  • DC IR: less than 38 mΩ
  • Series-Parallel-Connected Cells: 4S4P
  • Current capacity: 14Ah (14000 mAh)
  • Voltage (nominal) 14.8V
  • Energy capacity: 207Wh
  • Power: 592W
  • Maximum continuous discharge current: 40A
  • Pulse discharge current (10sec): 55A
  • Maximum allowable charge voltage: 16.8V
  • The discharge end voltage should be more than 10.8V (recommended 13.2V for long lifespan)
  • Charging current (CC): max. 6A 
  • Weight: +/-800g (including wiring harnesses, connectors & covering)
  • Physical dimensions (distance between cell pack edges, excluding harnesses): 160 x 40 x 72 mm / 120 x 53 x 72 mm

Wiring harnesses and connectors

  • Discharge wire type: Multi-strand 12AWG flexible silicone insulated copper
  • Gold plated discharge connector: standard XT90s (on request XT60/EC5/other)
  • Discharge wire length (pack to connector end) +/- 100mm
  • Balance plug: standard JST-XH 5-pin
  • Balance wire length (pack to connector end): +/- 70mm

Battery pack features

  • Built-in thermal conduction layers to diffusion of internal heat.
  • Shielded charge/discharge harness.


  • LM35 Temperature Sensor, with a standard 3-pin connector.
  • 10k NTC thermistor/sensor TDK Electronics.
  • 6W Integrated Battery Heating System (IBHS), for sub-zero applications. Requires an external 6V power source from PDB/BEC of the aircraft.


  • The upper part of the cell is over-insulated with a ring-shaped dielectric material.
  • The entire cell block is surrounded by a multi-layers shield with mechanical strength and dielectric insulated, outside-reinforced with an aluminized film used in the spacecraft industry. All covering materials provide a high sealing, improve thermal performance and contribute to the robustness of the battery pack.
  • The battery pack is externally wrapped in a hard (Black & Blue) PVC film.


  • 2 year

The recommended smart charger