6S9P 135A NCR20700B

Design, dimensions and technical specifications.

  • Cell count: 54 (same rank cells)
  • Cell type: Li-ion Panasonic NCR20700B 3.6V-3.7V 4.25Ah 15A
  • DC IR: <20mΩ
  • Series-Parallel-Connected Cells: 6S9P
  • Current capacity: 38.25Ah (38250 mAh)
  • Voltage (nominal) 22.2V
  • Energy capacity: 849Wh
  • Power: 2997W
  • Maximum continuous discharge current: 135A
  • Maximum pulse discharge current (10sec): 160A
  • Maximum allowable charge voltage: 25.2V
  • The discharge end voltage should be more than 16.2V (18.6V for long lifespan)
  • Charging current (CC): 16A (for maximum energy storage)
  • Weight: +/- 3510g (7.73 lb) – including wiring harnesses, connectors & covering
  • Physical dimensions (distance between cell pack edges, excluding harnesses):  200 x 115 x 75 mm (or custom on order)
  • Gold plated discharge connector (customizable): EC5/ XT90s/ XT150 / CASTLE 6.5 / SB175A
  • Integrated temperature sensor (LM35), with standard 3-pin connector
  • Passive thermal management (read How It’s Made)
  • Discharge wire type: Multi-strand 10AWG Flexible Shielded Discharge Cables (EMF Compliance)
  • Discharge wire length (pack to connector end) +/- 100mm
  • Balance Plug: JST-XH 7-pin
  • Balance wire length (pack to connector end): +/- 70mm
  • The recommended device for charging & balancing: iCharger

CMEC UAV Battery


The CMIUTA Electric Company can discuss the specification or precautions that are not described here. The data on this page is for descriptive purposes only and is not marked to make or to entail any guarantee or warranty.