Battery Pack

How It’s Made

Drone batteries

After are assembled in “honeycomb form” (more compact geometric matrix, and too for better cooling inside pack through heat dispersion between metal bodies of the cells), the battery cells terminals are over-insulated, and joined by nickel-strips layer through pulse-welding dependent upon the configuration. Then wiring-harnesses for PCB/BMS, high quality polarized connectors, and custom shielded discharge cables are applied, spending more attention to detail and safety elements. The entire cells block are surrounded by multilayer protective shield , sealing, resilient and light.

4S2P UAV battery pack


To reduce manufacturing costs, the battery pack are wrapped with a hard PVC film. The aesthetic appearance isn’t charming, but we work hard to develop a tough and lightweight battery cells housing.

6S Li-ion NCR18650GA 22.2V Drone Batteries

Consider a few things:

  • The all battery systems is designed and manufactured in-house at CMIUTA Electric Company. Are assembled with high quality lithium-ion cells, which have about 70% more energy density, is more powerful, and has 35% more lightweight than the traditional LiPo pouches used in the present to power UAVs!
  • Custom-made. Are available in plenty configuration, starting with 3S3P. In some cases, when a particular setup is desired, the gauge limit of the battery pack must be discussed in pre-order phase, because the cylindrical form of the battery cells constrains the final geometry of this. 
  • Direct sales. Batteries are delivered directly from the manufacturing workplace to the country and address of destination given to us in the order. No extra costs! We do not use dealerships, drop-shippers or external order-fulfilment. 

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