Battery Pack

How It’s Made

Precise Handcrafting. Adding matching battery cells from the same manufacturing batch to minimize variability within one battery pack, and to design these to the smallest detail, we can manufacture only a limited unit’s number per day, especially for large ones. To order a standard or customized battery pack, check inventory and then access order page and fill the form.

After are assembled in “honeycomb form” (more compact design for more energy density per unit volume, and also better heat dispersion between metal bodies of the cells) and sealed with epoxy adhesive thermally-conductive, the battery cell’s terminals are over-insulated, and joined by a 99.97% pure nickel-strips layers through pulse-welding, in a quantity depending upon the configuration.

Then wiring-harnesses for PCB/BMS, high quality polarized gold-plated connectors, and custom shielded discharge cables are applied, spending more attention to detail and safety elements. The entire cell block is surrounded by a multi-layer shield with mechanical strength and dielectric insulated, outside-reinforced with a thin laminated Aluminum & DuPont™ Kapton® Polyimide based films used in spacecraft industry.

CMEC Battery

To reduce manufacturing costs, the battery pack is wrapped with a hard PVC film. With this kind of covering the aesthetic appearance isn’t charming, but looks very compact and solid. However, we work hard to develop a tough and lightweight battery housing, from composite materials.

Our advantages: flexibility and react to market, custom layout on-demand manufacturing, rapid prototyping, lower cost when producing in low volumes.


Design Safety Features: Cell Level

NCR Li-ion battery cells used in assembling of the CMEC battery packs have an internal positive temperature coefficient (PTC) current limiting device. The primary role of this PTC is to limit short circuit current on an individual cell level. It is important to note that this device is completely passive and functions without any inputs from the rest of the battery pack systems.
A second level of protection is provided by the Current Interrupt Device (CID). Each battery cell used in the CMEC battery packs has an internal CID. These devices serve to protect the cell from excessive internal pressure.