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  • Delivery Timing. CMIUTA Electric Company makes battery packs only on-demand. Usually, the custom-made battery packs/prototypes will wait at the queue for manufacturing, in order of PO receipt. Delivery times may widely vary depending on Qty, waiting list or carrier processing time. Consider planning your orders very early before your deadlines, because of the periodic bottleneck in the battery assembling process and extra processing time as the carrier of hazardous goods, like Li-ion batteries.
  • Payment. The invoice issued for the purchase order must be in advance paid, via following payment methods: Credit Card, Bank Transfer, SOFORT, iDEAL, Bitcoin. 
  • Destinations. CMΞC battery packs are directly shipped out from the assembling workshop from the Netherlands to (selected) country and address of destination given to us in the acquisition docs. 

Shipping time and costs.

  • E.U. and E.E.A. GLS (full AWB tracking) max.19 kg/package. Fees: up to € 65,- (incl. handling).The parcels through GLS are delivered through our logistics partner in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Up to 10 days delivery time, after carrier processing.
  • E.U onlyDPD (full AWB tracking) max.19 kg / package. Fees: up to € 44,- (incl. handling).Parcels through DPD are delivered through our logistics partner in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Up to 10 days delivery time, after carrier processing.
  • The U.S. and other overseas countriesSpecial cargo service (full AWB tracking). Fees: about € 100,- / pack (incl.handling). Parcels are delivered through logistics partners from Germany and the Netherlands. There is a good chance to last up to 4 weeks before shipment of your order, due carrier processing.

*Depending on quantity and destination, an order may be shipped in batches.


  • For all domestic sales (Netherlands) 21% VAT will be applied.
  • 0% VAT on export to other E.U. companies, based on a valid VAT ID number.
  • 0% VAT on export to companies/entities from non-EU countries.
  • Additional costs like customs duties in the country of destination (outside of the E.U./E.E.A.) may apply.
  • Warranty 2-year (the battery must be exploited under specs).
  • Improper installation or misuse, mishandling is not included in warranty. No returns/refunds accepted.
  • Any damage during usage is the buyer’s responsibility.
  • Any liability issue is fully your (the buyer/user) responsibility and has no obligation or recourse of any kind to be held against CMIUTA Electric Company or any of its heirs, collaborative team workers and business partners.

Note: When you placing an order at CMIUTA Electric Company that means you have understood and accepted the terms and conditions, notes and manufacture deadlines, and also and you have read and understood the product specs, warnings or instructions in using.


Battery Packs for UAVs

Please fill out and submit the following form. Duplicate records will not be accepted. All information provided is subject to verification. CMIUTA Electric Company will contact you as soon as possible to validate purchase order, to quote the carrier total costs, to inform you about the estimated delivery date, or to discuss (where needs) other features regarding the engineering the battery pack.