Sanyo-Panasonic NCR

The CMΞC battery packs are engineered with cylindrical battery cells made by Panasonic Co. at the Sanyo plants Higashiura, Chuou or Tsunadenki, in Japan. Sanyo Energy is a formerly a member of the Fortune Global 500, and a few years ago became a wholly owned subsidiary of Panasonic, who is also the supplier of batteries to power Tesla’s electric vehicles.

NCR18650GA cell has the specific energy of more than 250 Wh/kg and energy density of about 700Wh/L. The cell specs help us to build highly most efficient and extremely balanced battery packs.

4S6P 60A NCR18650GA | 6S4P 40A NCR18650GA | 6S6P 60A NCR18650GA

NCR20700B is so far the most cost-effective cell created by the Japanese, offering an average of 30% more performance as opposed to its NCR18650GA counterpart while sacrificing just under a 10% increase in size! The internal resistance of this cell is less than 20mΩ. The bigger cells (20,3mm in diameter and 70,3mm long) enabled CMIUTA Electric Co. to optimize volumetric energy density into a new battery module.

NCR20700C is capable of continuous discharge of 30 amps, with a staggering peak potential of up to 45 amps, in certain conditions (with an active cooling system).

Battery Packs for UAVs

These all cells incorporate several electrochemical elements that contribute to their safety. LiNi0.8Co0.15Al0.05O2(Lithium Nickel Cobalt Aluminum Oxide, or NCA) is an extremely thermally stable cathode used in the compound of lithium-ion batteries made by Panasonic. Addition of aluminum to Nickel Cobalt Oxide also stabilizes charge transfer resistance. 

Panasonic NCA battery cells


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