RCProPlus SUPRA-X REB8806 PRO S8 P6 battery connector for drones


RCProPlus SUPRA-X REB8806 PRO S8 P6 – 24k gold plated 8mm bullet. High-quality Battery-ESC connector.


Applicable wires: 6AWG/8AWG*.
Continuous discharge: up to 300A
Peak discharge: 350A (30 sec. pulses)
Max.volt rating DC: 100V
Contact resistance: 0.38m Ohm
Plug material: Class A Cooper C54 Series, 24K gold plated
Sheath material: TARFLON (flame retardant, temperature resistant siloxane polycarbonate copolymer) manufactured by IDEMITSU Co, Japan.

(*) Note: If the discharge rate is less, it can be applied 10AWG/12AWG wires.

Available on following battery pack configurations, but not only: