IAI Delivers 13 ArrowLite Micro-UAVs systems to the US DOD

Arrowlite can be assembled and launched within 90 seconds. a system comprises three air vehicles, two ground control units, three payloads.The ArrowLite system can survive rugged environmental conditions and can support a variety of missions to include insertion by Military Free Fall (MFF). Photo: IAIAll photos Credit: Stark Aerospace, http://defense-update.com/20140514_iai-delivers-six-arrowlite-micro-uavs-to-the-us-special-forces.html

Project Wing Managing traffic in the skies

Yesterday Project Wing took part in a set of nationwide tests convened by NASA and the FAA to explore how to manage the growing number of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) in the sky. Within a few years, Wing and other companies are likely to have fleets with thousands of UAS in the air at any…

Olaeris Signs Chinese Joint Venture for AEVA© Unmanned Aircraft Production

Next generation unmanned aircraft company Olaeris has signed a contingent Joint Venture Agreement (JVA) with Chinese government officials to build a manufacturing facility in the central Hunan Province of China. The project is planned to be a state-of-the-art aviation engineering and production facility that meets U.S. safety standards and FAA Production Certification requirements. Source: https://www.suasnews.com/2017/06/olaeris-signs-chinese-joint-venture-aeva-unmanned-aircraft-production/

Types of Drones: Multi-Rotor vs Fixed-Wing vs Single Rotor vs Hybrid VTOL

Although multi-rotors get most of the attention in the drone world, they are not the only option. If you’re serious about aerial mapping then you need to consider a fixed-wing aircraft, and single-rotor helis are also a great solution for some niche applications too. Here’s a run-down of the four main types of aerial drone platforms,…


(Photo: Birdseye Productions) Professional drones have many advantages that standard hobby drones don’t quite fulfill. Even though many hobby drones can be customized with UAV kits, including multirotor motors, propellers and electronics, professional drones have an edge in commercial and industrial applications. ADVANTAGES OF PROFESSIONAL DRONES Buying or building your own professional drone has many…