Panasonic Battery History

An outline of the major products that shaped our history, including a number of notable events from SANYO, a company Panasonic acquired in 2010. Development and release of battery-powered shell lamps In March 1923, Konosuke Matsushita, founder of the business that would later become Panasonic, successfully developed a cannonball-shaped battery-powered shell lamp for bicycles. It…

New 2070 form-factor cell

Panasonic パナソニックNCR20700 パナソニック NCR20700B 4.25Ah 15A is the most cost effective battery cell they’ve created the Japanese company in year 2017. It costs the same like to produce also NCR18650s but offers 30% more power with only like about 10% size increase! Dimensions: 20,35 x 70,3 mm.